Digital Standee

Digital Standee

We are Digital Ad Solutions based in Delhi-NCR. We also known as Digital Standee Manufacturer, Digital Signage Manufacturer, Digital Kiosk Manufacturer, Digital look walker manufacturer all are available at the best price. Contact Now For More Information.

Digital standee Manufacturer

Digital Ad solution is the top leading company in Indian market. We provide the best digital standee display to our clients. Digital ads solution manufacture Digital Standee products with the Bright, Attractive & Technologically Proficient; Media LED Display Coupled With A Strong Back-End Software Helps Brands Create A Lasting Impact On The Viewer. We care about the digital standee hardware,software,superior content design,support and installation.

Digital standee is new and rapidly growing communications that increase the range of customers in an exciting way. It includes an increase in sales, margin uplifts, brand awareness, and many more. Digital Kiosk is used to attract the new audience with the help of digital monitors. It is also known as Digital Signage, Narrow casting, screen communication, display communication, Digital Out Of Home (DOOH). These monitors present and send information about the product which helps to increase the audience of that product. These standees have different colors, design, and sizes.Digital

Specifications of Digital Standee:-

  • Automatic and cycle play when power on.
  • 5 terms power on/off (daily or weekly), Auto play in the whole year.
  • Support USB or SD card. Use card reader to read more cards.
  • Support photo show time , and set various play mode.
  • Support photo+music/video/photo.
  • Support various background color and font color of scroll text.
  • Support playing as data name or playlist.
  • Support multi terms playlist.(daily, week, month.Used for restaurant menu. Set breakfast/lunch/dinner supply changed timely)
  • Support advertisement cutting and remote control choice.
  • Support password, function upgrade, customized function.

Some more details About Electronic Digital Displays:-

We are one of the best manufactures for our respected clients. We create digital standee, digital signage, and digital kiosk which has a superior view with attractive colors. We build high-end digital displays as vivid and dynamic as the imagination. We used advanced technology and machinery with high-quality products.So customers can promote their brand, products and services to attract new audiences.

Top Leading Company of Digital Standee Services in Indian market :-

You can access our service of Digital Standee at the cheapest and affordable price.We offer precisely designed under the direction of our professionals using advanced technology keeping in mind all standards of the industry. This product is tested on various parameters to eradicate all faults in it. Our product is available in varied customized options in order to meet the specific demand of customers.

Clients can custom their Digital signage Display. Digital Ad solution provides work with advanced technology and machinery to design high-quality products as per client instruction. We provide the most powerful and advanced digital signage platform in the industry. These Dynamic Displays Captivate The Audience are an Ideal Communication Medium For Like Retail Stores, Theaters, Corporate Lobbies, Banks, Command And Control Centers, Etc.

Types of Digital Standee Displays We Manufacturer

  1. Rectangle Shape Digital Standee
  2. Rectangle Metal Vertical Digital Standee
  3. Digital Standee for Hospital
  4. Rectangle Acrylic Shape Digital Standee
  5. Digital Display Standee
  6. Digital LCD Standee

Digital Signage Manufacturer

Digital ads solution is one of the leading Digital signage manufacturer. We provide genuine digital signage at the best price with comparable service and quality. Digital ad solution is one most desire, digital signage supplier in the market. You can get many benefits after getting in touch with digital ad solution like:

  • Installation and low maintenance.
  • Un-matchable service and amenities.
  • Save heavy among after purchasing the Digital Signage.
  • Reliable and long-lasting products.
  • Easy to manage and change the message.
  • Animated video , images, text messages can be displayed
  • Portable and easy to transport.
  • Can adjust graphics, colors, and lights.
  • Debugging.

Top leading Digital signage manufacturing company:-

Digital Signage is the modern way to get the potential of the customer. Now there is no need to promote your business by human translation. You can represent your message by digital signage whether it is encrypted or a simple animated video. You can present and catch more customers for your business products but it is very difficult to select the trust able digital signage at the best price Now in this modern society, there are many cheap tricks and low-quality products which are not long-lasting or also affected by cost and budget.

We are the top leading digital company because we believe in the power of digital signage as a dynamic new storytelling platform to engage with people. we provide the best and powerful digital signage at an affordable price. Digital Ad solution cares about the client’s budget, our customer can have their custom signage at a very low price.

Types of Digital Signage Display We Manufacturer

  1. Digital Signage Display Board
  2. Standalone Digital Signage
  3. Floor Stand Digital Signage
  4. Android LCD Digital Signage

Restaurant design

Digital Standee
Digital Signage

Indoor & outdoor

Corporate locations

Digital Kiosk

Digital Kiosk Manufacturer

Digital ad solution is one of the top Digital Kiosk manufacturer. We create and provide a large variety of digital advertising products. We are one of the most required digital Kiosk suppliers. We are connected with many business organizations. The digital ad solution is famous for providing digital Kiosk at best price. Talking about our product quality or reliability . have the best and advanced tools and high tech machinery. Our Digital Kiosk manufacturer Are well experts and use the latest technology and techniques to build the long-lasting Digital Kiosk. We also provide some premium services and advanced features in all digital Kiosk at best price Such as :

  • Installations at required locations
  • High graphics
  • Classic design and shape of the product
  • Low maintenance
  • High speed and performance
  • Network infrastructure
  • Provide brand awareness
  • Attractive look

All in One Touch Digital Kiosk

  • Multi points infrared touch screen, original import LCD panel, Meg meet power supply, quality assurance.
  • Customized Trunking, much clear layout, module design, easy for maintain.
  • Removable base, dual purpose, wall hanging and floor standing.
  • Various color selection: silver, white, black.

Types of Digital Kiosk We Manufacturer

  • Touch Screen Digital Kiosk
  • Photo Digital Kiosk
  • Product Promotion Digital Kiosk
  • Self Service Digital Kiosk


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