How to Select the Best Location for your Digital Signage?

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While it is no big news that digital display plays an important role in any advertisement campaign. However, even if you have a high-quality product from one of the best digital kiosk display manufacturers and suppliers but have not placed it in the right place then your effort will be in vain. Placing a digital signage system needs a lot of planning, thinking, and strategising. In this article, we will share with you the thought process that is going to decide the location of your digital signage android LCD board.

What Things to Look at Before Deciding the Location of Your Digital Signage?

Here we will give you some important points that advertisement and marketing experts consider when they are trying to think about the best place to place your digital signboard.

  • The most popular route your target audience takes.
  • Which of the route your target audience take also have the highest number of foot traffic?
  • What are the places where your target audience generally spends their waiting time?
  • What are the extra spaces in your office walls which are perfect to place digital signage?
  • The text should be big enough to be read clearly from the maximum distance.
  • The digital screen should be placed are roughly between 75° below the eye level and 60° above for the best viewing experience.
  • Your message should be short enough to match the screen time your average viewer will use so that your entire message can be read by all your target audience.
  • There should not be any harsh light around the place where you want to put the digital signage, otherwise, it can affect the viewing experience adversity.

Now we have told you about how to select the right location to place your digital signage, but a question arises why it is so important?

You must place your digital signage strategically so that you can convey your message to the maximum audience. The right placement of your digital signage has many advantages some of which are as follows.

  • It offers high visibility and requires no maintenance.
  • It helps you to target your customers more effectively.
  • It helps in reducing the cost of installing digital signage.
  • It helps in improving brand recollection in the minds of your target audience.

Considering all the points that we have shared with you about this article some of the possible locations where you can put up your digital signage include, interior walls and the supporting pillars, Aisle endcaps, freestanding kiosks, customer service counters, waiting areas, elevators, changing rooms et cetera.



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